Dear all,


     On behalf of the management Board KCM Clinic SA and Uzdrowisko Cieplice – PGU Group, we would like to invite you to our city of Jelenia Góra, which is located in Karkonosze Mountains, to participate in the unique scientific training conference where we will be using a live broadcast directly from one of our operating rooms, which is dedicated to modern techniques in the minimally invasive neurosurgery of the spine and rehabilitation.


The project is open to all doctors and physiotherapists and the aim of this project is to emphasize the importance of close cooperation with physiotherapist.


Our team advanced surgery techniques could not be effective to the expectations of our patients  without close cooperation with physiotherapists.


The conference will arrange a series of regular meetings, dedicated to minimally invasive neurosurgery and specialized rehabilitation of the spine, organized by KCM - Lower Silesia Centre of the minimal invasive Neurosurgery of the Spine under the supervision of

 Dr hab. Stanislaw Kwiek,  and PGU Group.


We hope that you will find the interactive form of our conference interesting, as well as our workshops, face to face meetings with our patients, surgeons and rehabilitation specialists (where possible), as well as the chance to analyze the perioperative courses of our patients.



With kind regards,

President KCM Clinic SA, Dr. Monika Mikulicz-Pasler

Managing Director Uzdrowisko Cieplice, PGU Group, Robert Moskwa




Dear Sirs,



     On 17-18th of June 2016, at the KCM CLINIC Jelenia Góra, we are organizing a conference where all attending will be able to view a LIVE stream broadcast from one of our surgical rooms showing : "Minimally invasive neurosurgical techniques in spondylopathies, in combination with the specialized rehabilitation. Functional neurosurgery and neuromodulation".


The conference will be organized in cooperation with the Lower Silesia Centre of the minimal invasive Neurosurgery of the Spine, over which I have had the honor to preside for more than 5 years, at the invitation of the KCM Clinic SA Jelenia Góra.


Taking part in the conference is Uzdrowisko Cieplice, which who we have the honor of cooperating with,  in the specialized rehabilitation, to reach the best, ultimate clinical outcomes in the treatment of our patients suffering from spinal diseases.

We decided to organize such a conference mainly to pass our long-term experiences to all participants. We would like to get you familiar with minimal invasive neurosurgical methods of treatment on patients affected by spine diseases: lumbar, cervical and thoracic sections.


Based on our patients humble opinion, results of such treatment are very positive. Over 98% of patients went through this process without any serious complications thanks to the modern techniques and our experience.


We  kindly invite doctors and therapists in the field of following specialties: neurology, orthopedics, neurosurgery, physiotherapy and the rehabilitation, closely specializing in the treatment and the rehabilitation of the spine: lumbar, cervical and thoracic sections.

The audio-visual online session will transfer you directly to our surgery room where you will have unique opportunity for face-to-face meetings with our surgeons. You will be able to ask them direct questions and discuss  all neurosurgical subjects.


We deeply believe that the unique opportunity of possibility being a  part of real surgery, will possibly persuade you to join us on 17th of June.


Moreover on next day, which  is 1st post-operative day, we will be able to  proceed with analysis of the perioperative course and talk with operated patients, who will be leaving hospital on day 2.

We would like to emphasize again that during this video conference  you will be able to receive latest information about the developments of minimally invasive techniques,  modern medical equipment and the instrumentation applied in spinal treatments, including (among others) implants applied in the minimally invasive spine surgery.

We are delighted that we are able to share our experiences with you as it is one of our greatest and longest experiecnces not just in Poland, but in Europe.



With kind regards,

Manager of the Lower Silesia Centre of the Small-invasive and Endoscopic Neurosurgery of the Spine:

Dr. n. med. Stanisław J. Kwiek, specialist neurosurgeon